Have you tried using email to acquire more customers and sell more products? If not, you should know that using email as a customer acquisition tool is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. And customers that purchase from email marketing efforts are 3 times more than those that purchase from social media.


Now, how can you take advantage of this simple, yet powerful tool to sell your products?


Build A List: The first step is to build a list of contacts you can send emails to. You can start with your current customers. Simple ask your customers for their emails when they purchase from you. You can say you need it to inform them of new products, special offers or seasonal promotions. Or you could run a campaign online that will require them to drop their emails to get an offer from your business (discounts usually work well).


Offers and Incentives: Buy – one – get – one – free, 50% off and other similar incentives are very effective sales techniques. Sending emails with offers will not only help increase sales, it will also help keep your customers looking out for your emails (because who doesn’t want 50% off?).


Send related products: Amazon does this very well. Supposing you purchase a book from Amazon, you’ll get ‘’people that read this book, also bought this book’’ kind of emails. Offering related products to your customers is an effective method of selling more products. This technique works because humans are social creatures, and we tend to follow a trend.


Segmentation is Critical: Now, imagine you purchasing a flat screen TV from an electronic store and receiving emails with a catalogue of TVs again. You should segment your list by what the customer has interest in, or what the customer has already purchased so you know what emails to send to the customer. You could simple have 2 kind of lists – 1) potential customer list and 2) current customer list.


A person on the potential customer list should naturally receive emails that will convert the lead to a customer. Emails with incentives, coupons, discounts and special offers will work well here. A person on your current customer list should receive emails of related products


Get personal: Getting your email noticed and opened can be a bit difficult, especially when your customer receives tens of emails from separate brands. The most effective way to get your emails opened that I can personally attest to is getting personal. When I send emails with my name, our open rates double and we increase our response rate as well.



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