According to a research, website conversion rate for businesses that adopt content marketing, such as writing and publishing blogs are 6 times higher than businesses that do not adopt content marketing. You know what that means, don’t you? It means if you do not blog for your business, you are losing customers daily.


Without a corporate business blog, where will you get content for your social media marketing or email marketing? Or how will you appear on search engines like Bing and Google or generate sales leads? Obviously, writing blogs for your business is vital to your marketing success at this age.


So how do you know what to write for your blog? In this post, we’ll be looking at what 3 companies that have successfully used blogs to drive traffic, generate sales leads and establish their authority in their industry, write.


But first, you must understand that every blog post you publish, is an extension of your business and must re-enforce your marketing and brand message.


Jobberman: Nigeria’s #1 job site does not only provide you with the latest job vacancies in Nigeria, its blog also provides great content on how to effectively search for jobs, practical career advice, and shares career opportunities and events.


One way Jobberman set out to achieve its mission of helping employers fill their job vacancies is by giving them access to qualified job seekers. Jobberman’s blog seeks to equip job seekers with enough knowledge and information on building successful careers, from drafting the perfect CV to job search and managing workplace issues


ConnectNigeria: Nigeria’s information portal has one goal – to organize useful information in Nigeria, for Nigerians. Looking at the content the website provides, from businesses to events, cars to properties, the website has established its authority as Nigeria’s information website.


ConnectNigeria primarily caters to businesses and individuals with goals. So whether you have a goal of starting a business, building a career, leading a better lifestyle, raising a family or getting trained in your industry, ConnectNigeria provides the information you can use to achieve your goals.


The website has deliberately steered clear from or limited its content on topics like politics, entertainment and gossip. A deliberate attempt to re-enforce its brand’s mission.


Salesforce: Can you guess what sort of content the world’s #1 CRM Software Company provides? To get that answer right, you need to know who uses Salesforce. Any business that takes its customers seriously, or seeks a better way to engage with its customers, or needs to make more customers uses salesforce.


So, having this understanding of what its current customers and potential customers need, Salesforce publishes posts on how businesses can make more sales, maintain their customers and managing a great relationship with their customers.


What You Need To Learn From These Businesses

  1. Understand your business mission – Jobberman seeks to connect employers with qualified job seekers, so it writes on job search, career tips, and workplace related topics
  2. Understand your customer needs – ConnectNigeria’s audience needs information to grow their business, career, and life, so their articles range from business and career tips, lifestyle and personal development to positive news.
  3. Post blogs that address those needs – Salesforce customers need to acquire more customers and keep the ones they have, so their blog is filled with sales and marketing tips and customer relationship techniques.


Learning from these great brands should give you an idea of what you should write for your blog. I advise that you create an editorial calendar with great blog titles that will drive traffic, start writing and promote your blog.


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