As marketers, you know how difficult and expensive it could be to find and acquire new customers. Cold calling prospects, crafting sales letters, following up with leads, interacting with rude and difficult prospects and the getting rejected part are some of the not-so-glamorous parts of being a marketer.


But you know what could be easier and less expensive? Keeping your current customers and re-engaging your old ones. In fact, it costs six to seven times more to g new customers than it is to keep old ones.


You can check out these 4 tips to keep your current customers. However, this post is about re-engaging your old ones using email marketing.


Ask for feedback

Identifying the reason why your customers were disengaged in the first place is the first step to re-engaging them. Collecting feedback from your past customers can be instrumental to your business growth. It provides you with quality insights into how you can improve your product and keep your customers


You can collect feedback from your customers by sending out a survey via email. Many email marketing software companies, like Constant Contact, have built-in survey features you could use to collect the information you want.


Make sure your survey is short and straight to the point, and that your survey is sent to a segmented list of old customers only.


Make them part of the process

Here’s an interesting idea I recently came across – having a Customer Advisory Board. This board is a group of trusted customers who provide valuable feedback on your product and your offerings.


Joanna Lord, the VP of Consumer Marketing at Porch, advises that you invite your old customers to join your Customer Advisory Board. She says ‘’It keeps the conversation going even after they’ve canceled.’’


With the use email, you could give your old customers a premiere access to your new products and features. Providing this exclusive information before the general public knows anything will make your old customers feel extra special.


Send promotional emails

Giving your old customers an incentive to come back is another effective method you can try. An email like ‘’We’ve Missed You! Here’s 99% off Your Next Purchase’’ could work (don’t try the 99% off thing though).


Send personalized emails

This final tip could be time consuming. But if you really cared about your customers, I’m sure it would be worth the time for you.


Now, every customer has different needs. This technique involves sending personalized emails with useful content that addresses your customer’s needs.


For example, if you were an IT software development company that was serving a recruitment firm, you could share content that provides valuable information on best HR practices.


Sending personalized and valuable content will re-assure your old customers that you’re not just out to get their money, but you genuinely care about their success.


Try these tips out, and let me know the results you were able to achieve in the comments below, or on twitter


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