Email marketing has always been a powerful technique for increasing product/service sales. It takes your marketing message to a personal, even intimate space for your customers or prospects – their inbox.


In fact, consumers spend 138% more when marketed through email than people who don’t receive email offers.


Marketers are out to achieve two primary tasks. First, to get their target audience to know about their products. Second, to get their target audience to buy their product.


And using an email newsletter can help you achieve both, when done efficiently.


One of Orator’s clients is in the business of selling a hair product for both men and women. Their goal was to 1) increase awareness for the product and 2) increase sales of the product.


Here’s how we used an email newsletter to increase both the product awareness and product sales.


Send relevant content

On a daily basis your consumers interact with about 11 other brands through email. So how do you set your email apart? By sending relevant, informative content to your customers, not just sales pitches.


The most effective email marketing campaigns are driven on content that is of value to the customer.


So, this client’s newsletter was a mix of informative articles on hair care, to new deals and even testimonials.  Here’s a break down of the sort of content the client’s newsletter carried.


Valuable Information and Tips: The client’s hair product was designed to stop residing hair and promote hair growth for men and women. So, we sent out tips and trick both men and women could use to maintain a healthier head of hair. This helped the client achieve 3 things


Increase awareness: By linking every hair care tip back to the client’s website, we were able to increase awareness for the hair products.


Establish authority: The client was able to position its brand as a resource for health care tips and an expert in health care.


Create a loyal following: Because of the useful information the recipients received, the client was able to attract an active following on its website, blog and social media channels.


New deals: Every customer wants more for less, and sending them deals is a great way to give them that. For the client, we sent out promotional deals like ‘’Buy 3 get 1 free’’, ‘’Free home delivery’’ and discounts like ‘’25% off’’. This technique normally boosts product sales for any retail business.


Product Use Tips: Sending product use tips will help your customers get the most out of your product. We shared information on how to use the product for maximum results and how to use the product with other hair care brands.


Testimonials: Use social proof to convert prospects to customers.  Sharing your customers’ comments and views of your product is a powerful technique to increase sales. We sent out this sort of emails to a segmented list of prospects only.


Whether you’re selling a hair product, a computer hardware or furniture, you could use the above tips and content ideas to increase your retail sales.


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