How would you describe your daily routine as a marketer? It probably involves sending marketing emails to business leads, prospects, and clients for your business and responding to even more business emails. According to a report, the average worker processes over 105 emails a day.


Email plays a vital role in every business and is instrumental to the success of marketers around the world. Many profitable relationships between a business and a client usually start with an email. Many relationships between a business and its clients are maintained via emails. As a marketer, you need to be effective in using email to acquiring and maintaining clients and grow your business.


Here are 5 email plugins you can use today to help you work smarter and more effective at acquiring clients and growing your business.




Ugochukwu, a business development executive at a media company in Abuja is faced with a challenge. Like many marketers, he wants to know if and when his prospects get to read his emails so he can plan his follow up email. With Sidekick by Hubspot, Ugochukwu can now track his email opens and more. Sidekick does not only tell Ugochukwu who opens his emails and when his recipients read his email, it also shows him if they clicked on any link in the email.




Ahmed, a sales manager at a fleet management firm in Lagos uses Yesware to track email opens, replies, link click, attachment opens and presentation views for his email campaigns. All of these insights helps Ahmed plan his email marketing campaigns and relationship with his clients. With the data he gets from Yesware, he is better informed on how to design his next email outreach campaigns.


Followup CC

Do you ever want to follow up with a prospect but just forget to? Adeola, a marketer at a retail firm faces that challenge as well. However, Followup CC, a Gmail plugin has helped him to schedule follow up emails and set email reminders. The plugin also tracks email opens as well.




In business, knowing more about your prospects gives you an added advantage as a marketer. That is why Ifeanyi, a sales executive uses Discoverly to see his prospects social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Mail Merge


Mail merge is not necessarily a plugin, but it’s a feature marketers can use for email outreach campaigns. Mail merge allows you to send out a bulk but personalized email to your contacts. With a simple Excel sheet with your recipient’s contact details such as name, email, company name etc., a word document and outlook, you can send your personalized email to a huge list at the same time.

Using one or more of these plugins can dramatically improve your effectiveness as a marketer. If you know of more email plugins for marketers, share it in the comments below.


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