Every solid PR plan starts with a cohesive strategy. It is important to allocate resources for a cross-channel strategy that aligns with your overall business objectives. So, here are five key tactics to consider when creating a proactive digital communications strategy.


  • Social Media-Driven PR

The best PR campaigns are those that are cohesively integrated between social media and public relations. Social media should be used to complement a PR campaign and drive continued media exposure. Utilize social media to share press placements, connect with reputable industry blogs and get on the radar of editors while executing PR campaigns.

Use social media to search for, and pitch, journalist queries in real-time. Build an ongoing relationship with reporters. Use social media to research the beat they cover before you pitch them. Take a vested interest in what they write and re-tweet content you find useful.


  • Content Marketing

 When crafting your message you need clarity, brevity, and connection. All good stories are simple at their core. Think short sentences; and think of your audience and unique connection to them before writing content. Content marketing is the new SEO. The goal is to craft relevant content to make it easier for prospects to find you.


  • Real-Time Media Pitches

Real-time media pitching is all the rage. Follow the news cycle and look for brand connections to trending stories. If you have a genuine tie-in to the story, let the media know. If it’s a breaking news day, find any tie-in that is truly authentic. This applies to both social media marketing and public relations campaigns.


  • Blogger Relations

In the new world of media relations, you are essentially marketing your content. If the content is weak and you pitch large blogs, the blogger takes a risk on publishing your content and putting their credibility on the line. Remember, bloggers are only going to promote interesting content that will increase their readership. Make it easy for them to run your story and you will increase the likelihood of being featured.


  • Constant Measurement

The best way to re-engage fans is to measure what is working and what messages your customers really connect with. One mistake brands make is getting lost in the editorial content calendar shuffle. If you are not continually measuring what has the greatest impact on your audience, you will lose credibility and relevance, and it will ultimately damage the value of the community you are trying to create.



MAMariam Adeyemi Timmer is the CEO/Founder at Mariam Adeyemi Company. MACompany is an innovative and creative PR & Communication Service Agency that builds lasting connection through belief in your brand, engaging possible techniques to bring possible solutions to real business challenges.

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