We’ve discussed the importance of email automation, and how it can help your business increase revenue and sales. We’ve also discussed email autoresponders as the go-to tool for smart marketers, how it helps marketers effectively follow up on leads and convert prospects to customers.


Now, let’s take a look at how you can produce the right content that converts for your autoresponder series. Here are 4 quick practical tips for you


Set Clear Goals

Have you ever heard the saying – ”begin with the end in mind”? It means know where you want to end up before you begin. This is true for creating content for email autoresponders.


You need to have a clear vison or goal for your autoresponders before you start writing. What do you want your autoresponders to achieve for your business?


Common marketing goals are

  • To increase product/service sales
  • To strengthen customer relationships
  • To launch a new product or service
  • To establish industry leadership


Your business goals will guide as you create your content.


Provide Value

Your leads are interested in your business because they feel they will get some value from your business. That’s why they signed up in the first place.


Ensure that you give them what they came for through your autoresponders.


Take Onome for example. Onome is a wedding planner. She handles wedding decorations, catering and procures bridal dresses for the bridesmaids.


Onome has set 3 separate autoresponder series that caters to her 3 product lines – decorations, catering and bridal dresses.


Ifeoma is interested in wedding decorations and Onome includes her in her decoration autoresponder series. In that series, Onome has pre-set several wedding decorations tips, inspirations and success stories from her previous clients.


See the point? Onome has made it a case to add value based on her customer’s needs and expectations.


Produce Your Series

Plan and produce your series completely before you start adding your leads in. Before you write your autoresponder series, plan it ahead.


Write down the email subject lines, the content and the call to action for each email before you start writing.


You can always edit, tweak and update your email series when necessary.


Include Compelling Content

The purpose of your autoresponder series is to get your leads to take an ultimate action, right?


Ensure that your content is designed to guide them through that journey.


If buying a product or service is the ultimate action, then include large sales buttons or product reviews or testimonials in your series.


If your goal is to strengthen customer relationship, getting customer feedback should be incorporated in your autoresponders.


Finally, here are some don’ts in developing your email autoresponders


  1. Don’t send multiple emails in a day
  2. Don’t oversell in every email
  3. Don’t make your series a one-way communication.
  4. Don’t forget to include clear calls to action


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