1. How To Track How Effective Your Content/Website Is

Measuring the effectiveness of your content, website or app is important. You cannot improve what you have not measured. So how do you measure if your content or website is effective for your business?

A simple tool can help – Google Analytics Goals

With Google Analytics Goal feature, you can measure if your website or content is driving your desired goal. Whether it is to make a purchase )for online stores), or to generate a lead (for marketing and lead generation companies)


2. How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

You can increase your email open rates by simply tracking your best-performing emails. What to take note of are the best subject lines, the time/day your best emails were sent and event how personalized your best emails were.


3. Another Way To Increase Your Email Open Rate – Opritmize Your Emails For Mobile

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access your emails. That means, if your email is not optimized to be viewed on a smartphone or a tablet, you could lose subscribers, and fewer people will open your email campaigns. Luckily, email software like Constant Contact, MailChimp and Vertical Response have mobile optimized templates you can use for your email campaigns.


4. How To Monitor Your Competitor And Get Their Customers Using Social Media

Normally, I wouldn’t advise you to spend time checking out what your competition is doing. The only thing is, your competitors’ customers could easily be your customers. And more customers for your business isn’t a bad thing to want, is it?

Now, to get your competitors’ customers, you simply need to offer them more than they are getting from your competitor.

And tools such as Hootsuite’s Streams, BuzzSumo and Fanpage Karma can help you assess what your competitors are offering on social media. Read more here


5. Visual Content Is Good For Your Business

With the use of visual content, your businesses can

  1. Effectively answer common questions, objections, and uncertainties. This will help your business better guide the customer to make a purchase decision
  2. Better educate your target market on the use of your products and services
  3. Get your message shared easily

Here are the tools you can use to create visual content




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