What does engagement mean for your brand? It means having customers who like, trusts and patronises your brand. Social media has proven to be one of the most effective tools in engaging your customers and your prospects.


So, how do you engage your target audience on social media? Are there specific types of content that are proven to drive engagement on social media?


Let’s take a look.



Reports show that including a video in a full page ad can increase engagement by 22%. That’s not all, it has also been reported that 50% of executives search for more information on a product/service after watching a video.


These statistics were enough for Funke and her marketing team to start producing short product videos for her insurance company.


Funke and her team invested in producing videos that explained each of their insurance policies, short customer testimonials to boost their firm’s credibility and short interviews with team members to give customers a peek behind the scenes of the financial institution.


Does video work? Well, 90% of users claim that video helps in their purchase decision for a product or service.


Actionable Ideas For Your Business

  • You can start producing short videos on social media with your smartphone and edit with Windows Movie Maker.
  • The length of your videos should be between 1 minute (for Facebook), and 1:20 minutes for Twitter
  • You can produce how-to videos, interviews, customer testimonials and entertaining videos for your business

Use Emotional Copy

Driving engagement is about being persuasive to your audience. And using powerful and emotional words in your social media posts goes a long way in building engagement and persuading your audience.


Emotions such as greed, fear, pain, reward, love, all do great at engaging customers. That’s why marketers, smart marketers incorporate a powerful emotion while selling. That’s why smart marketers will tell you to sell benefits, not features of a product or service.


Let’s take a look at some words you can use to persuade and engage your audience



Fear Greed Reward
Terror Free Triumph
Doubt Sale Uplifting
Worry Jackpot Fulfil
Anxiety Instant Influence
Distress Extra Guarantee
Risky Save Certain
Mistake Reward


Actionable Tips for Your Business

  • Incorporate emotional words in your headlines and social media copy to boost engagement and increase shares.
  • Find emotional words here and here


Use Hashtags

Want your social media content to reach the right audience? Use hashtags.


Hashtags are powerful tools you can use to increase your social media reach and exposure, and they work well on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Here are simple, actionable ways you can use hashtags to boost your engagement

  • Follow and ride on trends related to your business or industry.
  • Engage in tweet chats to increase your followers and your engagement
  • Use memorable and short hashtags
  • Use 1-2 hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, and up to 11 hashtags on Instagram


Run Contests, Polls, and Surveys

Polls and surveys are not just great at getting insight into your audience, they are also great at engaging your audience.


You’d be surprised to find out how many people are interested in sharing their opinions about issues and providing information on relevant topics.


Contests is another great way to build engagement. Why? Because people love to win prizes.


Actionable Tips For Your Business

  • Use tools like Poll and PollDaddy to get insights into your audience
  • Run contests and games on social media to increase your following and engagement


Use Images, Memes, and Gifs

Visual content on social media boosts engagement.


For example,

Adding an image to your tweet can get you 150% more retweets

You’ll get 2.3x more engagement on Facebook when your posts are accompanied by images


Memes and gifs perform well on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can generate your own memes on Meme Generator and find gifs on GIPHY.


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