Chinedu has spent an hour preparing and sending out emails to the contacts he made at a networking event he recently attended. While at the event, he felt he had made a connection with the people he met, and that they needed his web development services. So, this should be easy, right?


Wrong. Chinedu was sorely disappointed by the little response he got from the emails he had spent time and effort sending. What could have gone wrong? He was sure that his recipients needed his service and they ought to be contacting him for it. But why is that not happening?


Let’s see how you can avoid this disappointment the next time you send out email messages with an intent to boost your sales. Here are 7 tips on creating an effective email message and increase your sales.


1.Set A Clear Goal

First of all, you need to know what you want your email to achieve. Selling via email is possible, however, it must be done strategically.


For example, Chinedu in our example above sells web development services. He should not expect to acquire a client with just one email. In fact, there’s a rule that says a customer needs about 7 follow-ups before he makes a purchase.


Moreover, Chinedu’s business requires that his customers are adequately educated about his service and convinced that his business is the best option.


So, his email goals should not be to sell, but to generate enough interest from his recipients in his service, that they request for more information.  That way, he can better follow up, build a relationship and convert customers.


2. Focus on Your Recipient

Your email, from your subject to your introduction, to your email body and even your conclusion and call to action must be focused on your recipient all through.


How do you do that?


Put yourself in their shoes. Why would you pay attention to your email? Bear in mind that the average professional receives tens of email and marketing messages every day.


The only way your recipients will pay attention to your email is if you clearly state how you can help them solve a problem, fill a need or achieve their goal. So, from your subject line to your call to action, focus on your recipient.


3. Benefit Packed Headline

Reiterating what has been said in the point above, your subject line must be packed with benefits to the recipient. People decide whether or not to open an email based solely on the subject line. 33% according to a study.


So, how do you write a headline that is packed with benefits?


You need to think about the problem your business exists to solve, or the need it fills or the goals you help your recipients achieve.


Let’s take Chinedu’s example. His business provides web development services. However, we can say that his business helps other businesses attract customers online by providing a high converting website and web tools.


So, an email subject line from Chinedu to his prospects might be ”Acquiring more online customers with this web tool”


4. Use Power Words

Words are powerful. A phrase or sentence can change your mood and motivate you to take action. Our brain reacts to certain words and languages.


Some of the most powerful words include you, because, instantly, new and free. 


Other words include

  • Instantly
  • Better
  • Improvement
  • Quick
  • Remarkable
  • Boost
  • Sale
  • Cheap
  • Affordable


Where do you use these words? In your subject line, bullet points in your email body, and in your call to action.


5. Tell A Story

Just like our brains react to certain words, it also reacts to stories.


You can motivate your recipient to take an action by sharing your brand story. Share why your business exists, how you have helped clients achieve their goals or solve their problems, describe how your business can take your recipient from where they are to where they want to be and so on.


6. Build Trust Bu Showing Credibility

Why should your recipient engage with your business? Why should they use you and not your competitor? It boils down to your credibility. And to establish credibility is fairly simple to do.


Here are 4 tips to establish credibility with your recipients


  • Be honest, i.e do not exaggerate your abilities
  • Share endorsements and customer testimonials
  • Share your achievements
  • Share knowledge, i.e show that you are knowledgeable in your field and industry.


7. Create a Sense of Urgency

Finally, your email needs to end with a sense of urgency. Convince your recipients that now is the best time to act.


Why? Because people don’t like to act until the very last minute to do so. We call people like that


Here are tips you can use to create the sense of urgency


  • Offer something free for a limited time. It could be a free consultation or business assessment
  • Offer a discount with a deadline for recipients to claim
  • Reduce the quantity of product/service to a limited number of people


Bonus Tip and Conclusion

Remember, that selling via email requires follow-up. Ensure that you constantly communicate with your prospects at strategic time intervals and with compelling messages.


If you need help automating the follow-up process, click here for a free email automation consultation.


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