Humans crave community, to be part of something. To get the in on something. To be in an elite group with access to information or materials no one else has access to. To feel special.


That’s why exclusivity works wonders in marketing.


Caldini’s student tried this and increased his sales by 600%. He made 3 groups of customers for his beef company, called each group and offered

a} the standard product request

  1. b) the standard product request + information that there will be a shortage of the product
  2. c) the standard product request + information that there will be a shortage of the product, and that the information was given exclusively by a govt agency.


You can guess which group made the most orders. Group c.


You can apply the concept of exclusivity by providing ”exclusive” information to your customers. Or just using words that convey the message of exclusivity in your marketing. Words like ”join”, ”community”, ”secret” and ”exclusive”.


Furthermore, you can convey exclusivity by clearly and purposefully excluding the masses and stating who your product is for.


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