As a marketer, meetings with potential clients are unavoidable.


Some can be unnerving and tense, especially if you’remeeting with a potentially huge client.


How do you remain confident, and show it, at meetings like that? How do you keep your calm, and win the client?


Here are 3 practical tips that will help you


1. Prepare possible questions you might be asked:

Knowing the possible questions your client might ask will help you immensely. Preparing the answers to those questions will help you feel in control, confident and prepared.

2. Make eye contact:

Nothing shows more confidence than making eye contact. Yes, you might feel nervous at first, but making eye contact with those attending the meeting will not only show that you are confident, it will help you relax as the meeting goes on.

3. Take out everything you need for the meeting:

Show that you are pepared, comfortable and ready t go on with your meeting by taking out every thing you need for that meeting. Stuff like your laptop, notepad or phone (on silent though).


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