Cleaning and janitorial services for estates, offices, and residents are a huge business in Nigeria.


Office cleaning companies are usually in high demand in the new year, and general house cleaning services are always in demand throughout the year. Not to mention fumigation services.


Check out the Google search trends for these services below.

Google Trends For Cleaning Companies


So, if you’re in the cleaning business, there’s obviously a lot of opportunities for you to get customers online.


Like Green Residential Cleaners.


Green Residential Cleaners is a company that provides all of these services, and more.


They have about 2500 employees (according to their website) and are working towards being your preferred choice when it comes to cleaning and janitorial services.


However, there’s a lot the company needs to do, to maximize their website and capture as many customers as possible.


If you own a cleaning company, you should pay attention.


The Current Situation 

Looking at GR Cleaner’s website, you’d see they started out on the right path.


For the fact that they invested the resources to get a website in the first place, means they appreciate the value digital media can provide them.


From their home page, you’d see they mean to educate online visitors of their services.


A slideshow shows several services they offer on the homepage. Which does a great job at capturing your attention, and giving you a sense of the services they offer.


Here are other things you would immediately notice on the site

  • Free Instant Quote
  • Phone numbers for you to call to schedule some free stuff
  • A pop-up that asks you to spread the word.
  • Some kind of chat box that asks you to leave a message


Missed Opportunities

The 4 assets we mentioned above are enough to capture tons of leads daily.


However, they aren’t properly utilized and leveraged on.


The Free Instant Quote is supposed to be a button that links you to a landing page


The Pop -up asks you to spread the word via social media without giving you any incentive


The Phone number at the top doesn’t have a complete call to action (schedule your free what?)


Only the chat box seems fine.


Other Untapped Assets

As a potential customer, I would go to the services section from the homepage.


You can see a list of all the services they provide.


From Fumigation and Pest Control to Industrial Cleaning, all the way to Contract Office Cleaning.


This page is detailed and informative (asides from the web copy error at the bottom).  However, there are more opportunities here that are wasted.


By instinct, as a potential customer, you might want to click on any of the services listed, either to get more information, or to request a free quote for that particular service.


There is no such mechanism there.


Instead, when you click on a service, it loads and brings you back to the page (with that same pop-up asking you to spread the word).


And Even More Missed Opportunities

Now, you might not go to the blog section if you are a sales qualified prospect/lead. But this section is capable of bringing in a massive amount of traffic to the website.


GR Cleaners blog is not optimized to drive traffic yet.


Here are the reasons why


  • Each blog post has the same image
  • No consistency in posting
  • Blog titles aren’t optimized for search engines
  • Blogs aren’t optimized for readers.


What To Change: Steps to Maximize Website To Generate Leads

Now, the good part.


If GR Cleaners were to hire us to generate leads from their website, here are a few things we’d change.


Optimize The Homepage

First of all, we’d change that annoying pop-up that comes up immediately you enter the site. We’d change it to offer some real value, like provide a Free Quote or offer an email educational series on how users can maintain and clean their property.


Also, we’ll set the pop-up to appear on users intent on leaving the site, not appear immediately the user comes into the site.


Second, we’d link each slide image to a product landing page, with an explainer video and a form. The explainer video will be a short video that educates the user about the particular service, and the form will ask users to request a free quote. The form will collect email address, phone numbers, and name of the user, so GR Cleaners can follow up afterward.


Did you know 64% of businesses that use explainer videos on their website say video increases the sales of their products and services? Call 0809 775 1730 to get explainer videos for your business today


Third, I would link that catchy Free Instant Quote to a landing page.


Optimize The Service Page

The work here is simple and straight forward.

  1. Link every service to a separate web page with a form and a video.
  2. Add a form at the end of the Services Page that asks users to get a Free Instant Quote.
  3. Clean up the web copy


Optimize the Blog Section

This is the part that is supposed to drive massive traffic to GR Cleaners, So, we’ll just make sure it does.


Here’s how


Develop an editorial calendar: First of all, we’d ensure that the company has a consistent publishing schedule. blog posts a month is enough to drive some traffic to the website when they are promoted well.

Prepare a list of keywords: In order to get search engines to pick up your content, you need to have the right keywords. Keywords that will capture your target market’s intentions.

Design a customer journey and content mapping: There are basically 3 stages of a customer’s journey. 1. Awareness, 2. Consideration and 3. Purchase. You need to design and develop content that will carry your target market seamlessly through these stages.

Develop an email newsletter: Email marketing provides the highest return on investment in the digital space. Sending a simple newsletter to website visitors and subscribers, will increase your brand recall and top of mind awareness, and ultimately your sales.

Design new pop-up and side bars specifically for the blog section: Different pop-ups and side bars will be designed to capture customers at different stages in the customer journey and at different points of interest. For example, there will be a sidebar that asks users to get more information about weed control, after reading an article about…weed control.


These little changes can greatly improve the number of leads GR Cleansers will gain, and the customers they will acquire from their website.


I hope this information is useful to GR Cleaners, and any other cleaning company in Africa.



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