Want more traffic to your website? Sure you do.


How about something better than more traffic? More customers to your website.


Yes, there’s a difference from having more traffic and getting more customers. As a smart business professional, you should work towards getting the latter.


Getting more traffic to your website doesn;t necessarily mean that those people visiting your site will buy from your business. However, when you focus on getting more customers (not necessarily more traffic)to your site, you’re more likely to make more money, which is what you’re really after, right?


So here are 2 simple and easy tips you can start practicing today, to get more customers from search engines like Google


Search Intent:

The first thing you want to take note of is the searcher’s intent. What is the searcher trying to achieve by searching for certain keywords? For example, say your company sells fleet management services, what are the likely keywords will a customer use to search for your business? If the customer is ready to hire a fleet management company, it might search for things like ”best fleet management company” or ”affordable fleet management service” or something like that. The words ”best” and ”affordable”, shows the searcher’s intent to buy now. So, ensure that your web pages have such keywords that capture your customer’s intent to buy.


Meta description:

You know those short descriptions on search results? They’re like little snippets that describes what the page is about. Those are important for search engines like Google. Why? Because Google wants to feed its users the most relevant content to their search query, so it looks at the meta-description to see if it matches the user’s search. And if it does, Google brings up that content to its users. Ensure that your meta-description on your web pages matches your page title, your keywords, and your customer’s search query. If you’re using WordPress, you can use Yoast plugin to help you create meta-descriptions that effectively communicate


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