The benefits of email marketing are huge. Let’s put this in terms relate to.


Suppose you sell computers, and you have an email list of 100,000 companies. Imagine if you sent out an email selling a N10,000 computer accessory for businesses and only 1% bought that accessory, how much will you make from that? Let’s calculate: 1% of 100,000 is 1,000. If 1,000 businesses bought that accessory for N10,000, that’s N10,000,000


Count those zeroes.


All from one email.


See the power of email marketing?


]But here’s the catch – getting enough email subscribers.


There are simple ways to get email signups for your business. And would you believe, many businesses today are doing little to nothing in acquiring emails? It’s like they’re refusing money.


Here are ways to make sure that your business is positioned to generate more revenue, by collecting emails from your site.


Include sign up forms on your website: Yes, there are businesses out there that don’t even have signup forms on their websites. There are free tools like Hubspot, Sumo and even your email marketing software can provide you with sign up forms you can include on your site

Include sign up forms on every page of your website: Don’t just place your sign up form on a particular page on your site. Include it everywhere. What does the good book say about sowing your seeds? You never know which one converts

Include pop up and sidebar forms on pages of your website: There are certain pages pop up forms and side bars work well. Product pages for example, and your in-content pages too.

Give website visitors a real reason to sign up: Provide value such as relevant content, offers or promotional items in exchange for their emails. They won’t give you their emails if they don’t expect anything in return


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