Have you tried advertising on Facebook?


If you have, I can bet you were unhappy with the results.


I’ve tested Facebook ads, both for my business and for my clients. And it seems like I was just throwing money away.


They give you vanity metrics, with no real business results. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong.


Anyways, I never really liked the idea of giving my money (or my client’s money), to foreign companies. I’m very patriotic you see.


So, we decided to include ads on The ORT Newsletter. To help businesses get real business results from their ads. Results like quality reach, lead generation, website traffic and even sales.


All at affordable rates daily.


So we want to test run this. We’ve started though, but we want to do this at a larger scale.


So, we’re giving 100 of you free ads for the next 2 weeks to test your ads on The ORT Newsletter.


If you’re interested, please click here.


A few things you should know

  • The ORT Newsletter is an email newsletter for marketing and business professionals in Africa
  • The newsletter reaches over 4,000 professionals
  • Your ads can only be text ads in 10 words or less + a link
  • The newsletter is sent out every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (for now)
  • Your ad is subject to review by our team.
  • This offer ends on October 17, 2017


Go to this link to place your ads for free now.


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