The major reason why we did the free ad testing for The ORT Newsletter, is the same reason why we set the company, Orator Consult – to help marketers generate leads, customers and achieve their marketing goals.


Today, the ad testing ends. But our goal is still the same.


We are happy with the results advertisers got from the free ads campaign.


We want to help you achieve more.


We’re announcing a profile sharing platform within The ORT Community.


Here’s how it works


Very simple.


This is what we hope to achieve with this


  • Get your personal brand in the emails of potential clients, business partners and customers
  • Connect you with other members of The ORT Community
  • Facilitate business connections and opportunities between members of The ORT Community
  • Help members of The ORT Community sell their services, products and brand.


What does it cost? Nothing. It’s absolutely free for The ORT Community members


Create and share your personal brand profile here

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