How does a media company use content to generate leads, drive sales and increase revenue for its business?


What sort of content will a media company produce, that will be effective in attracting prospective clients and winning sales?


Media companies, by reason of their business nature, are positioned to easily attract potential clients and driving sales weekly.


Take Entourage Media company, for example, the business provides web graphics, web design, video and TV production services to businesses.


Let’s take a look at how it can develop a winning content strategy that will help it generate leads, increase sales and make more money.


The Target

The first step to developing a winning content strategy is a great understanding of your target market.


Now, this media company is targeting businesses that want to develop the best websites and produce the most engaging videos on TV or online.


Imagine, if you were to hire Entourage Media company, say, for web design and development (you should check out their portfolio, it’s impressive), what would you expect at the end of your business transaction?


A beautiful and working website, right? So when potential customers visit your website, they will be impressed, engaged with the content and ultimately do business with you, right?


Right, the end goal of designing a website for businesses is to engage customers.


And that is also the end goal if you are producing a video for TV or online platforms.


This understanding will help Entourage Media company to decide what type of content to produce, where to distribute that content and how to use their content to engage and win clients.


The Content

Now that we have a good understanding of Entourage’s target market, let’s look at what kind of content to produce that will help the company win new clients.


In content marketing, you will be effective if your content clearly shows your target market how they can achieve their goals, and how your business can help them achieve those goals.


We have established that Entourage Media’s target market has the primary goal of engaging their customers.


So, the right content for Entourage to produce will be ones that show how their target market (business owners) can engage customers with video and web design.


Here are a few content types they can focus on producing


  1. Blog Posts: Articles like ”How UI Can Help Your eCommerce Site Engage More Buyers And Sell More Products”, will engage prospective eCommerce clients. Don’t you think?
  2. Video Content: Video is becoming increasingly popular online, and that’s because it drives more engagement than text. A video that shows and educates a prospective client on how web design can help them engage customers will help Entourage to win more clients.
  3. Case Studies: Business owners are very careful and detailed before they work with any company. A case study will give proof that web design and video content can actually help them to get what they want. Entourage Media company can go beyond having testimonials on their website and give prospects an inside look at how they work with clients, and what each client was able to achieve.


The Distribution

Content marketing is not finished without distribution.


And many businesses make the mistake that the end of content marketing is when they hit ”publish” button.




You need to get your content in front of your target market.


So, Entourage Media company’s target market are business owners. Where do business owners hang out online?






Well, both actually, and maybe more online platforms (give us a hint, will ya).


So we’ve cracked the case for Entourage Media. They should focus on promoting their content on LinkedIn, and having an email newsletter for their business.


This way, especially with email, they can nurture prospects until they convert to clients.


In A Nutshell

Using content marketing for a media company is pretty simple. Just follow these 3 steps

  1. Understand the end goal of your target market
  2. Produce content that shows how your business will help your target achieve their goal
  3. Distribute your content to where you know your target market will see it.


If you don’t have the skill or the time to generate leads and win clients for your business, we do.




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