How can a photography company, like Studio 24, leverage content to increase its customer database and revenue?


As a photography company, Studio 24 has access to one of the most engaging forms of content online – visual content.


However, it is important for photography companies, and visual content producers, to know exactly how to use their visual content to generate sales qualified leads, and increase their revenue.


Let’s take a look at how Studio 24, and any other photography business, can leverage its blog and its visual content to drive sales and generate revenue.


First, Identify Your Market. 

It always starts with your target market.


Identifying who you want to attract is the first step to attracting them.


For Studio 24, and for many photography companies, there are several market segments.


From engaged couples ready for a pre-wedding photo shoot, or a wedding album, to individuals celebrating birthdays and other kinds of celebrations. And even event managers and organizers, who wish to document their event in photographs.


For the sake of this post, let’s focus on event managers as Studio 24’s core target market. By the way, I reckon event photography services will fetch the most revenue out of all the other market segments, I may be wrong though.


Second, Capture Your Market’s Intent

Now that we have identified event managers as the target market for Studio 24’s content marketing efforts, let’s look at what that target market needs.


Imagine, if you were hosting a conference and you needed a photographer to cover the event, how will you go about getting one?


Asides from asking friends and colleagues for the best corporate photographer, you would also search online for certain keywords. Keywords like


  • event photographers
  • corporate event photographers
  • conference photographers/photography
  • event photography services
  • best event photography service
  • event photography rates
  • great event photography services


And so on.


The keywords we have mentioned are keywords with buyer intent. That means people that search for those keywords are ready to get a photographer very soon.


Producing content with those keywords will increase your chances of ranking on google for those keywords, and attracting imminent buyers.


Third, Produce Engaging Content

The third step is to produce content that will both capture your target’s buyer intent, as well as engage them.


Producing engaging content lies in providing real value that is relevant to your market.


For example, you’re hosting a conference, your goal is probably to get your conference room filled with the right audience. That will make it a success, right?


So, if Studio 24 showed you how to fill up your upcoming conference with the right audience, wouldn’t you listen?


Now, it would be smart if Studio 24 not only showed you how to fill up your conference but showed you that with their services, you would fill up your conference.


A blog post like ”How Great Event Photography Attracts Your Ideal Audience To Your Corporate Event”.


See what we did here? We combined the buyer’s intent with the buyer’s goal. No prospective customer will be able to resist a blog post like that.


Fourth, Capturing Leads and Making Sales

The goal of content marketing is to make sales, right?


So, producing engaging content is one half of the job. Capturing leads and converting those leads into customers is the second half.


It’s simple to capture leads from your blog today.


Simply place a powerful Call to Action (CTA) in your blog content, link it to a landing page with a form, and collect relevant contact information of your prospects.




Unfortunately, a lot of businesses invest time, and money to produce great content, and leave out lead generation tools. Such a waste.


Studio 24, don’t be a waste (in chigurl’s voice)


Fifth, Nurture and Convert Your Leads

The final step is to follow up with the leads you have generated from your blog.


Email marketing and automation is the best way to do this.


Set up a newsletter, to share events you have covered with your prospects, and also set up an email autoresponder that carries your lead through the consideration stage to the purchase stage.


Email autoresponders are series of pre-formatted emails that are sent automatically to prospects in order to nurture and convert them to customers.


For example, when a prospect fills a form on Studio 24’s blog, a series of emails will be sent to that prospect that will educate the prospect of the available pricing solutions and other compelling messages that will get the prospect to buy from Studio 24.


You understand?


Now, here is an example of a powerful call to action, if you need help producing engaging content that generates leads, set up a newsletter or develop email autoresponders that increases your sales, click here. Ok, maybe that CTA was a bit long, but you get the point right?

Produce Content That Drives Sales

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