Consulting services are not the easiest products to sell. Because you’re selling something intangible, your buyer’s resistance to buy becomes a lot higher . But there are ways you can make the selling process easier and reduce the resistance to a sale.


Let’s take a look at a practical example – Kimpact Consulting


The company provides business development and human capital consulting services. Here are 3 ways they can establish their brand as an authority and win sales from their target market.


The Website

Your website is part of your brand, and today’s customers put the appearance of your websote into consideration when they are making buying decisions.


Even though Kimpact’s website provides all the information you may need to educate yourself on their services, the aesthetics of the website can be greatly improved.


Here are 3 tips to improve your website aesthetics


  1. Use quality photos and avoid using png or icon images
  2. Improve user experience with colour blocking, and linking your web assets (like your service highlights) to landing/product pages
  3. Include a signup form so web visitors can join your mailing list.


More Content

The consulting industry is a knowledge industry. The more knowledge you seem to possess, the more your customers trust you.


So Kimpact Consulting has to invest in content development and production in order for them to increase their leads and win sales.


The type of content consulting firms should invest in, includes


  1. How To Articles: Share practical advice on how your clients can solve their business challenges. Enough for them to find you, trust you and call you
  2. Video Content: Video content such as testimonials, explainers and educational videos increases website conversions and leads.
  3. Case Studies: Buyers want to see proof of how your services generate real resuts. That’s why case studies for consultng firms are powerful selling tools


Constant Communication

How do you gain trust?


You gain trust when someone does something consistently. We trust brands because we see them every where, and every time. Like Pepsi.


Sending a periodic email newsletter to your leads will help you gain their trust.


More than that, it will help you sell your service.


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