How does a brand drive adoption of a relatively new product or idea to a market? In context, how does a brand like drive adoption of the concept of ride-sharing in a market like Lagos?


Even though Lagosians have been carpooling and sharing rides for as long as there has been traffic in the city, the idea of using an app to do that is relatively new.


And there are can be many objections to using a ride-sharing app like Jekalo, including security reasons and the ”why not just order a taxi instead?”.


However, Jekalo has aptly addressed those issues. For example, there is a swift verification process that addresses the security concern, and several blog posts that make the case for ride-sharing over taxi hailing.


Now, back to the main issue – how does Jekalo drive adoption of their app? Or how can your business drive the adoption of a new product/service or idea?


With User Generated Content (UGC) of course.


The Power of UGC

Let’s hit you with a few data that proves just how powerful UGC is, and why you should start sourcing and incorporating it in your marketing channels.


  1. Placing a UGC on your website can get you a 29% increase in web conversion than having a website without a UGC
  2. When it comes to influencing millenials (you know, that market filled with young and socially influential customers), UGC influences that market 20% more than any other type of media
  3. UGC also helps get new products discovered, because 49% of consumers say so.
  4. Ads based on UGC gets 4x more clicks than traditional or professionally produced ads


We could go on and on and on, but you can see a comprehensive list of these stats here if you need more convincing.


But, you’re convinced UGC is right for your brand, right?


Now let’s take a look at how Jekalo (and you) can produce and incorporate that to increase their user database.


Producing UGC For Your Brand

How can you get users to produce content for your brand?


Simple. You ask them to.


Over 50% of consumers want brands to ask them to create UGC, and what type of content to create and share. The sad story is, not a lot of brands actually go for it and ask their customers to create and share content. In fact, only 16% of brands do.


So, if Jekalo was to ask for content from their current users, what type of content should they ask for?


Here are a couple of suggesstions


  1. Review: Jekalo should ask users to leave a ”written” review of their experience after every trip. Definitely, there will be the good, the bad and the ugly. But some wise man once said ”focus on the positive”, so I’d advice Jekalo to share only positivity to the world with those reviews 😀
  2. Videos: A wriiten review can work wonders, and a video review can move the world. Jekalo can run a campaign that asks users to create short videos for social media, while they are on their trips. Just imagine the social media impact and the awareness they will achieve with that campaign, Of course, there should be an incentive for users to do something like this.


Promoting UGC For Your Brand

This is the second half of the job.


After content production, you need to think content promotion. Its sad that a lot of marketers stop at production and leave promotion to the gods.


Here are a few ways Jekalo can promote its UGC.


  1. Social Media: Jekalo can promote the positive reviews via their social media platforms, especially on Twitter. This will get more people to be aware of the app, and use the app for themselves. Also, the video content will perform well on Instagram.
  2. Blog: You know what will be cool? If Jekalo can produce stories out of the UGC. That will be more engaging than simple articles that compares and contrasts ride sharing and taxi hailing, or the rise of ride sharing in  cities. That will also give their editorial team fresh ideas to work with to keep their blog updated constantly.
  3. Email Newsletter: Email marketing is one of the most oowerful digital marketing tools. More powerful than social media even. So imagine when they share reviews and video links to their email subscribers. Imagine the impact and how they will immediately increase their users.



If you think UGC is the right move for your brand, try out these tips and let us know the results you get. Also, you can hit us up if you need help developing and maintaining your blog or email newsletter.



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