Imagine what it would mean for your business if all your content were eaten up by its intended target? Whether it’s a sales content for business prospects or a blog post to get new leads.

It’s absolutely possible to get huge engagement and consumption for your content if you can master what the human brain craves for.

Check out and incorporate these brain triggers and watch as you achieve more of your goals with your content.

Brain Gain: The brain craves new (interpretable) information. In fact, it rewards you with a sense of pleasure when you gain new information. So how can you use this in marketing? Here are some tips

  1. Provide fresh information
  2. Include the word NEW in your content, such as blog headlines and email subjects
  3. Organize your content in interpretable format. Use lists to organize your content

Give Meaning: The word ”why” is powerful. It gives meaning to actions, and that’s what the human brain craves – meaning. There was a study that was done that showed that including the word ”because” after making a request increased your chances of having that request granted.

Here are tips to using this trigger for your marketing

  1. Tell your customers and target market why you want them to take certain actions
  2. Use brand stories to give meaning to your brand and business

Positive Emotions: There has been new research that shows that social media users share positive stories more than stories that provoke anger, or negativity. How can you use this in your marketing? Share positive customer reviews and testimonials.

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