Welcome to a new year.


I can bet you have so many plans for the year. So much you want to achieve, and so much you want to do.


You want to lose weight (or gain weight like me), earn more money, kick off new projects and generally make this year a prosperous one.


Me too.


And you and I both know that nothing can be achieved without discipline, commitment, and good habits.


If you want to gain or lose weight, you need to develop the habit of eating healthier and exercising. If you want to earn more money, you need to develop the habit of working smarter and harder in your business or career.


You probably know all the things you need to do to achieve what you want, right? The problem is developing the discipline and commitment to actually doing those things. Building the right habits.


That’s why I want to test a new technique I read about, on building new habits.


It’s in 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Create A Cue

A cue is like a trigger that informs you to do what you need to do.


For example, if you wanted to lose weight by exercising, you can set an alarm for you to do some push-ups at 6 AM every morning. The alarm is your cue.


For me, the new habit I’m trying to build is writing every single day. So, I have set my alarm for 5 AM every morning to write. You can check www.oratorconsult.org to see how I’m doing daily.


Step 2: Develop Your Routine

The second step is to develop your routine.


If weight loss is your goal, the routine after your cue (the alarm), will be to do 100 push-ups every day. Ok, maybe not 100 push-ups, but you get the point.


Also, for you to increase your chances of actually doing your routine, try to make your routine something you enjoy, or something that is not so difficult to achieve. Like instead of 100 push-ups, aim for 40 push-ups daily.


I love writing, so my routine is something I enjoy. The challenge is keeping distractions at bay, and that’s why I set 5 AM to write when there is little or no distractions for me.


The final step is…


Step 3: Reward Yourself

It’s important to reward yourself every day after you have performed your routine.


This helps your brain associate something positive with your routine, and makes it easier for that habit to stick.


Working on losing weight, the reward is usually how your body changes to what you want over time. But the reason why a lot of people fail to stick with their weight habits is that they don’t see immediate results.


You can look for something you can reward yourself with, immediately you perform your routine. One of my mentors, and the person I learned this technique from, Sam Parr rewards himself by placing a penny in a jar after he works out.


For me, the reward I get from writing is the cash and profit I get over time. Each content I write is worth at least N20,000. So, I’m going to send myself credit alerts every time I publish a post online. Kind of paying myself forward (I learned this one from another mentor – Ized Uanikhehi).


So, what’s your new year resolution and what new habits are you trying to build this year?

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