More people visiting your website equals more leads equals more sales equals more money in your bank account.


But the first step is to drive traffic to your website.


Check out 10 traffic boosting techniques you need to try out. I have tested a few personally and I have seen real results. I’m also looking to test out more.


Posting On Nairaland: 

I had no idea how powerful Nairaland was. I never paid attention to the site because of how ugly it looked (to me, the site looks ugly)


But at the time I tried it, I was desperate to increase traffic for a client of mine.


And boom boom boom, I started getting hits for the client.


So as a sharp guy, I tried it out for my business and The ORT Newsletter. And it worked too.


But you need to be careful though, always abide by the rules of Nairaland, or thou shall be banned.


Answering Questions On Quora:

If you are looking for an international audience/market, and want to increase your thought leadership as well, Quora is a great place to start.


It’s a question and answer forum. And you can search for topics related to your product/service or niche, find questions and provide relevant answers with a link to your content or business.


It’s pretty cool.


Contribute Articles To LinkedIn and Facebook Groups:

LinkedIn groups are powerful, and so are Facebook groups. So long as they are active and related to your industry and niche.


I have personally found clients from LinkedIn groups and increased subscribers to The ORT Newsletter by posting on Facebook groups


A rule of thumb is to contribute relevant and valuable content, so you don’t come off as a spammer and too sales-y.


Create and Share Short Videos On Instagram, WhatsApp Status, YouTube, And Facebook:

Facebook is trying to compete with Youtube, so they are increasing the reach of videos on the platform.


YouTube is still the 2nd largest search engine after Google, so you need to publish videos there.


WhatsApp status is a neat way to update your contacts of new content, products, and business in a visual way.


And Instagram is still a hot place (especially for B2C brands).


Run Twitter Threads

I started seeing a trend on Twitter, users were running threads on the platform.


And it was really engaging. So…as a sharp guy, I decided to use it to promote my content.


And guess what? It works.


Host Twitter Chats

I remember the first time I was managing the promotion of the eBusiness Fair. One of the ways I used to increase the awareness of what is Africa’s Biggest SME Event was hosting twitter chats.


I invited some of the speakers, and sponsors for a QnA on twitter.


It was very successful, and you can use the same tactic as well. You can do a QnA on twitter with your staff, customers or an influencer.


Advertise On Established Newsletters

Email marketing is always an effective way to boost traffic.


There are media brands that run email newsletters and have engaged audiences. Brands like ConnectNigeria (for the general public), TechCabal (for tech professionals) and The ORT Newsletter (for business professionals) have established and engaged email audiences you can advertise to.


Set Up and Manage Your Own Newsletter

This may take time if you are just starting, but the benefits and rewards of building your own newsletter are worth it.


You will not only get to increase your traffic, you will also build great relationships with your customers.


Definitely worth the time and resources.


Oh, you can hit us up if you need help with this.


Post Content To Medium

If you have great content, on virtually anything industry, you definitely should post your content on Medium.


Ensure that you include a link back to your website or business in your content or bio.



Create Your Own Facebook and LinkedIn Group

There is power in building communities.


And recently, we shared why it’s smarter to pivot to Facebook groups because you get to drastically increase your organic reach as opposed to having a business page.


LinkedIn groups are also great community platforms you can benefit from.


Am I missing any technique? How have you increased traffic to your site?


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