As a business owner, your goal is to make sure that when your ideal customer goes out to purchase what you sell, that the customer will remember your business and choose your brand every time.


And a lot of work goes into that one moment where the customer makes his/her choice in the marketplace. Businesses spend millions on advertising, promotion and marketing campaigns to ensure that their customers remember their name and choose their brand.


Today, there are more engaging and effective ways to keep your brand in the minds of your customers and compel your customers to choose your brand when they need your product.


Here are the new ways to increase your brand recall and increase your brand engagement with your target audience We’ll be looking at how beverage companies, specifically Wilson’s Juice, and how they can leverage these new methods of brand engagement.


Produce Content That Focuses On Your Customers And Aligns With Your Brand Promise

To engage customers today, to even manage to get their attention, you need to give them what they value and what they’re looking for. And that does not include bombarding their screens with adverts that focus on your brand and your product.


Take Red Bull, for example, the company’s target market is young people that need the extra energy boost to engage in different high-energy activities like sports. The company’s entire content marketing strategy now revolves, not on the drink, but on the activities their target market engages in – sports.


Wilson’s Lemonade can learn from Red Bull’s strategy, and produce content that focuses on their target customers, yet aligns with their brand promise.


Supposing Wilson’s brand promise is ”natural sweetness for your body” or ”when life gives you lemons…”, then their content should revolve around those promises.


For example, if the promise is natural sweetness for your body, then the content should focus on providing their customers with other natural ways they can enhance their bodies and live healthier lives. Wilson’s Lemonade can set up a blog that focuses on food and nutrition and natural remedies to common body ailments.


Or if the promise is when life gives you lemons…, then the content should revolve around productivity hacks, motivational stories and inspiring content.


Both content approaches will not only attract more customers to the brand, Wilson’s customers will also feel more positive about the juice and go for the juice every time they need a drink.


Video Content For Social Media

Social media is a very important channel to attract and engage customers today.


However, it’s becoming harder for brands to engage their audience on social networks (especially Facebook), due to the massive amount of content being produced and shared, and (especially Facebook) the ever-changing algorithms.


Today, the top social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), all favour video content above other content types.


Wilson’s Juice (even though they have already begun) should incorporate more video content in its social media marketing.


See the above point for the type of video content a beverage brand like Wilson’s Juice should produce.


Create Conversations On Social Networks

Many brands are spending more time producing content for social networks, and getting little or nothing tangible to show for it.


The mistake is usually from the fact that they are not playing by the rules of social networks. Brands are using social networks as a selling channel, instead of a communication channel.


Brands ought to move away from selling on social networks, and conversing with their audience on social networks.


Recently, we talked about why your brand should pivot to Facebook groups. The reason why is because you can increase your organic reach with Facebook groups as opposed to Facebook pages, and also create meaningful conversations with your customers.


Wilson’s Juice can create new Facebook groups on Natural Sweetness for the Body, or When Live Gives You Lemons…, and start having meaningful conversations with their customers. A community like this will birth loyal customers and ambassadors for the brand.


In Conclusion

The key to engaging your audience online is to provide value in the form of content that your target cares about, and tie that content to your brand and product.

Here is where we promote our business. If you need help producing content such as articles, videos and manage your social media community, hit us up here.

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