You know, there’s actually an easier way to get more customers faster with your marketing and content.


Especially if you’re in a crowded market where there is enough education about your product or service.


For example, suppose you’re selling Co-working spaces to entrepreneurs, there is already enough education as to why entrepreneurs need co-working spaces.


Your business can take advantage of the fact that the market is highly educated, and reposition your message to get more customers faster.


Let’s break it down a bit


The Sales Funnel

Now, for any sale to happen, a customer will first need to be aware of the product, then consider the available options to getting that product, and finally decide to purchase from a brand.


In marketing, we call this a sales funnel, where the top broad part is educating the market about the product or service. The middle part of the funnel is where interested customers are considering your brand as well as your competition (for the best price or quality). And then at the bottom of the funnel, the customer makes the purchase.


The mistake many businesses make is, they focus on the top funnel – educating the market about their product, and neglect the middle and bottom funnels.


Increase Your Focus On The Middle Funnel

For businesses that operate in a saturated market (where there is enough education), you should shift your focus on to the middle funnel.


For example, if you are selling co-working spaces, you already know entrepreneurs (your customers) appreciate the importance of co-working space. You should not spend more time telling them how important and great working from a co-working space is.


You should focus your message on why your co-working space is the best option for your customers.


So, instead of articles like ”Why You Should Work From A Co-Working Space”, produce articles like ”How The Best Co-Working Spaces Empower Entrepreneurs to Build Great Businesses”


Change Your Content Keywords To Capture Buyer’s Intent

This simple change in your marketing can make a huge impact on your sales.


Why? Because you’re meeting your customers that are on their way to making a purchase.


You can start producing more content (articles, videos, and email content), that captures your customer’s buyer intent. That means words that your customers use when they are ready to buy what you’re selling.





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