Have you noticed that Smile, the ISP, doesn’t seem to have any content?


Content that engages customers on social media, and attracts new customers. Content like interesting articles or videos and not just new offer announcements and products.


Maybe the approach of advertising product after product and offer after offer seems to be working for them, but an engaging content marketing strategy will work better.


Here’s what I mean. with engaging content, more customers (including prospective customers) will stick around on their website and social media channels.


With engaging content, their current customers and followers can easily share their content (and brand) with friends (and new customers), thereby increasing their following (and revenue).


You see where I’m going with this? I am less likely to share a new ”Bumper Data Deal” with a friend (except the data deal is a free deal :D), but more likely to share a story that inspires me, that Smile produced.


So, if Smile decides to try something new with their online marketing, here’s what I recommend.


Develop A Content Marketing Plan

Before you start writing articles and producing videos for your brand, it’s best that you have a documented content marketing strategy in place first.


Your content marketing strategy should answer the following questions


  1. Who do you want to reach?
  2. What does your audience want and value?
  3. Where can you find your audience?
  4. What is your value proposition to your audience?
  5. What type of content will you produce?
  6. How will you link your content to your product?


For smile, the answers to the above questions could be


  1. Working professionals
  2. To get their jobs done and to succeed in their careers
  3. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, The ORT Newsletter 😀
  4. Fast internet to help you do your job, so you can smile
  5. We’ll talk about this later
  6. We’ll talk about this later


Now, this is a summarized version of a content marketing strategy. You can use the above template to create your own content marketing strategy, in the simplest form.


Let’s talk about the content to produce and how to link it to your product.


User-Generated Content for Smile

So, Smile already has a bunch of customers using their product.


We talked about how content, engaging content will get your customers to bring in more customers.


The most effective type of content that can achieve this is user-generated content. User-generated content like testimonials and reviews.


But, I don’t recommend Smile to focus on producing testimonials and reviews for their brand. Why? Because no one in Nigeria is really satisfied with their ISP. It’s safer to use something equally powerful, engaging and safer for the brand.




Here’s what I mean. Imagine if Smile approached me a customer, and asked me to share a story of what I do, and they would share my story with the world. Would I be interested? Of course!


I’d tell them about how I’m building Africa’s largest email community of marketers and business professionals, and how we’re helping businesses attract and engage their customers with content and email marketing.


That’s free publicity for me. And free advert for them, because they’d say ”Mason Frederick is a Smile customer”, and ”he’s achieving greatest with a super fast internet from Smile” at the end of my story. Just for the record, I’m not a Smile customer.


Ok, we have just answered the question of what content to produce and how to link your content to your product. Smile, I know you’re thinking ”why didn’t we think of this brilliant idea”, if you’re going to do this, at least hire us so we can do it right for you.


And if you’re reading this, and want to produce engaging content for your business, hire us too.






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