If you own an online platform, that is, you don’t necessarily have a product, but you’re giving other businesses a platform to sell their products, then you need a huge amount of traffic to your site in order for your platform to be successful.


Some platforms charge businesses to get listed, while others charge businesses a commission for every sale made on the platform. Either way, your platform should have a sufficient amount of traffic from the target market before you can make money.


Take OgaVenue as an example. The platform is one where you can search and book for event venues. And they get paid a commission for every successful booking made on their platform.


So, how can platforms drive massive traffic to their site, I mean without spending a fortune on advertising?


Content marketing is the best bet to drive traffic and targeted traffic at that.


Driving Targeted Traffic To Platforms

It’s not enough to just increase your traffic but to drive targeted traffic to your platform.


What do I mean by targeted traffic?


I mean getting visitors that are more likely to become users. For example, OgaVenue would want to get more people who are more likely to book for event venues, than people who are less likely to.


OgaVenue would want to get more people planning weddings, corporate events, parties and concerts to visit its site.


These visitors, like event planners, will be more profitable for OgaVenue to acquire, than ordinary individuals who are less likely to book venues anytime soon.


An Intentional Approach To Content Marketing

The first step to driving targeted traffic to your platform is to identify who you want to visit your platform.


We’ve mentioned that OgaVenue needs people who are planning events like weddings, corporate events, concerts, and parties to visit its site.


A smart content marketing strategy will focus on engaging these market segments.


That is, provide content that will engage a wedding planner, a corporate event planner, a concert planner and a party planner.


The second step will be to identify the value each market segment needs, in order for them to be engaged in your content and platform.


For example, a concert planner will value information on how to get more people to attend and/or pay for its concert.  wedding planner, on the other hand, may value a directory of vendors more than getting its wedding filled with guests.


Content Marketing Ideas For OgaVenue

Now, let’s take a look at a few ideas OgaVenue can implement to increase targeted traffic to its website. Especially on its 3 major market segments – weddings, corporate events, and concerts/parties.


Corporate Event Segment: Corporate event planners are probably looking for ways to market their products, gain new customers and increase revenue by hosting events like trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions.


Don’t you think sharing practical ideas on how to do just that will engage them?


Ideas on how to sell via events, how to host profitable conferences, exhibitions and trade show, and ideas on how to gain new customers from events.


Wedding Segment: Imagine, if you were planning your wedding, what would you need?


Caterers, printing company for your IVs, venue decorators, DJ, MC, materials for asoebi, suit for you and your groom men and gowns for you and your bridesmaids and so on.


Having a directory of all of these vendors inside OgaVenue will be a smart move. And that’s why OgaVenue has TheWeddingz.com


Concert Segment: Concert organizers want more people to attend their concerts, and probably get sponsors as well.


So what sort of content will concert planners value?


How to sell tickets, list of platforms to sell tickets, how to get sponsors and how to fund a concert.


This content can be hosted on OgaVenue or can be posted on event directories and ticketing sites like AfriTickets, Ariya Tickets, ConnectNigeria, Naija Ticket Shop and others.


In Conclusion

The guys at OgaVenue can re-focus its content marketing efforts to drive more profitable and targeted traffic to its site, simply by focusing on the needs of its target market.


If you own your platform, it will pay you more to focus on producing content that caters to the needs of your market, and not just produces content for content sake.


This is where we promote our service – if you need help developing and executing a winning content marketing strategy (yes, I’m also talking to OgaVenue), hit us up.


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