There’s a story about an Insurance company that raises tens of thousands of dollars from its content marketing campaign.


The company was a small insurance company and was threatened by other big players in the field. Their website wasn’t getting enough traffic, so few people were contacting the company for insurance policies.


Things changed when the head of marketing turned to content. He started a YouTube campaign that answered 100 questions about insurance and created a blog around the videos. So, for 100 days straight, the marketing executive uploaded a video and a blog post on the company’s website.


The results were amazing – traffic went from 70 hits a week to 500 hits a week, and the company started generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.


You see your business, whatever the industry, can benefit immensely from smart content marketing campaigns.


Let’s take a look at how Combined All Risks Insurance Brokers Nigeria Limited, can develop a content marketing strategy and sell insurance with content.


About Combined All Risks Insurance Brokers Nigeria Limited

Combined All Risks Insurance is an insurance broking company in Nigeria.


The business helps both individuals and corporations alike, to find the best insurance policies, process their claims and manage their risks.


Like any great insurance broking firm, the company also provides advisory solutions to its clients, so they are armed with the right information to make the best decision about insurance.


Developing A Content Marketing Strategy

One of the reasons why the marketing executive in the story above was so successful, was because the content focused on educating the target market.


Insurance is not easy to sell. And you need to really educate your customer about the benefits, and the details of every policy before they buy.


So, you’ll find that marketers that win at selling insurance, are the ones that don’t focus on selling insurance but focus on educating their customers.


For a company like Combined All Risks Insurance, they can act as a resource for clients who are considering purchasing insurance policies.


This will help them


  1. Increase awareness of their broking services
  2. Establish their brand as a pacesetter in the insurance industry in Africa
  3. Attract more clients that wish to purchase insurance policies


The Type Of Content That Attracts And Engages Customers

So what type of content should be produced?


Simple articles and blog posts are great. However, visual content is better at engaging customers.


Especially when you are selling something that is as boring as insurance, you need to keep the attention of your audience.


Here are a few ideas Combined All Risks Insurance can consider


  1. Animated videos: A picture says a thousand words, and a video says a million. Animated videos that explains and educates the audience about insurance policies will capture their attention and get them engaged in the product.
  2. Infographics: Infographics are also great visual content types that both educates and keeps the attention of the audience.
  3. Slide content: This content can be distributed via Slide Share. Slide Share is mostly used by business professionals, which makes it a great platform to capture more clients for a business like Combined All Risks Insurance.
  4. Blog posts: Simple text articles are still important in content marketing. And Combined All Risks Insurance should also invest in producing article posts.


Distributing Content Via Email Marketing 

Finally, when it comes to content distribution, nothing beats email marketing.


With email marketing, like a simple email newsletter, companies can build lasting relationships with their customers and prospects.


Every content shared strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer. Bringing the customer closer and closer to making a purchase decision.


Combined All Risks Insurance can start email marketing with a simple email newsletter that educates their audience, prospects, and clients, with all they need to know about insurance.


In Conclusion

Content marketing works when you provide something of real value to your prospects, and when you are consistent in providing that value.


Think of ways to provide value to your audience, whether it’s answering their questions, or showing them how to get things done.


Finally, if you need help developing and executing a content marketing campaign for your business (yes, I’m talking to you Combined All Risks Insurance), hit us up.



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