You know what I think when I see websites with blogs that have not been updated for a while? ”Gee, they must not be getting results from blogging, that’s why they stopped blogging”.


And then I investigate a little more as to why they aren’t getting results. And it’s always clear.


I don’t even have to look so hard.


I recently came across Frakem, an ”online building and home improvement destination”.


The company sells everything you need to build or improve your home. Sanitary wares, finishing accessories, bathroom and kitchen equipment.


You know what? You should check out their website to see for yourself.


So, I checked out their website and saw that their last post was on the 31st of January, 2017. Now, it’s either their blog is not getting them profitable results like generating leads and making sales, or their website is so on point, gets enough traffic and makes enough sales without the blog.


For the sake of professionals reading this, that have failed to get profitable results from your blog, let’s assume the first scenario is the case.


Here are 3 reasons why your blog is not generating leads or making sales.


No Lead Generation Tools: If you want to generate leads from your blog, you need to include tools that will capture leads on your blog.

Even though Frakem’s blog has great content, there are no tools (side bars, pop ups or skyscraper ads), that asks you the reader, to drop your contact information so they can continue communication with you.

There is no newsletter signup form, no offer to get a coupon for your next purchase, no means of communicating with you after you read the blog. Seems like a waste of an opportunity to generate leads for your business.

There are several tools Frakem can use, including Hubspot and Hello Bar.

No Links/CTAs In Your Blog: The goal of the blog is to ultimately make a sale of your product. That’s why it’s important to link the content of your blog posts with your product when necessary.

For example, if the blog is talking about maintaining your toilet, and Frakem sells toilet, then it makes sense to link the word ”toilet” to where readers can buy toilets. Right?

If I’m selling email marketing, and I’m writing about how email marketing can make you more money, I will link email marketing to a page where you can request for my services, like here 😀

No Offer/CTA At The End of Your Blog: Finally, at the end of each blog, you should always have an offer to your readers. What do you want them to do after reading your content? Sign up for your newsletter? Purchase products listed on the blog? What? You should have a clear call to action or offer at the end of your blog posts.


These little and simple changes to your blog can make a huge difference in generating leads and making sales for your business. If you need help implementing these ideas for your business, hit us up (see what I did there?)


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