Why do you create a website for your business?


To educate people about your products, services and business, and to get customers online, right?




But you know, using your website to sell a service is not as simple or straightforward as using your website to sell a product.


Selling a product is easier than selling a service. Products are tangible. Services are not.


Selling services takes more time, and frankly more persuasion (trust me, I know). That’s why businesses, like Tripple A Freight Forwarder, should re-focus their websites to generate leads instead of trying to sell.


About Triple A Freight Forwarder

I love business names that explain what the business is about, don’t you?


The company handles everything about freight forwarding. Dealing with shipments, containers, consulting for imports and exports and everything you need when it comes to customs in Nigeria.


You should check out their website. Really, we’re going to use their website as an example to make a case for generating leads instead of selling your service via your website


Customers Are Ruthless and Easily Distracted

Ok, so supposing you need to export your products to China, and you are looking for a company that will assist you to do that, what do you do?


You search online for freight companies in Nigeria. And then you see several websites.


Now, you go on to check them, one after another. Looking for the website that seems to have what you’re looking for. But in reality, you’re assessing the website, and not really the business.


You’re assessing the look of the site. The message and content of the site. All these makes an impression on you, and you decide whether to remain on the site for longer or move on to the next one.


Triple A can definitely do better with the look of its website, to keep visitors for longer. If they hope to generate leads and convert those leads to customers.


Here are  suggestions to make your website more appealing to your visitor


Use More White Space: We’ve talked about why it is important, critical even, for you to improve the cognitive ease on your website. Capturing your visitor’s attention from one point to the next with the use of white space on your website. The human brain is designed to feel positive with white space and websites that use it well.

Use Less Copy: Remember, you are not trying to sell immediately to your website visitors, but to hold them long enough that they want to continue hearing from you. So, Triple A can use less copy (words) that explains what it does and use its copy to highlight the benefits and value to prospective customers.

Include Lead Generation Tools Everywhere: Your goal with your website is to generate leads. So, ensure you have lead generation tools, like a form where visitors can fill to get more information from you, or a newsletter signup button. Place these tools everywhere on your website (its like scattering your seeds, for you never know which ground will be fertile).


In Conclusion

Your website ought to generate leads for your business if not, it’s pretty useless.


Try out the techniques mentioned in this article to turn your website into a lead generator. And here is where we promote our business 😀 If you need help re-vamping your website (in terms of design, content and copy), placing lead generation tools and managing lead nurturing/follow up campaigns for your business, hit us up.

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