How do you influence C-Suite executives?


The ones that have the real power to make a purchasing decision for your product or service?


The C-Suites (Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Chief Operating Officers (COO) and other ”chiefs” in the organization), think differently from the average staff in the organization. And that’s because they make the tough decisions in the organization.


To influence this level of executives in any organization, you need to think like they do. And these executives are obsessed with how to add real value to the companies they work for.


For example, the COO is focused on improving operational effectiveness in the company. She will be engaged in anything that will help her reduce operational costs but still increase productivity and performance in the company.


The CMO, on the other hand, is focused on ways to increase the company’s brand awareness, leads, sales and ultimately revenue for the business. If you want to engage the CMO, show her ways to increase her leads and convert those leads to revenue-generating clients.


Now, Thistle Praxis is a management consulting firm that helps businesses improve operations, productivity and achieve sustainability, profitability, and growth (I know, that’s a lot of -ity). Who do you think they are trying to influence and sell to?


The chief of the chiefs – The CEO. Or the COO for certain products of theirs.


What’s certain is, Thistle Praxis marketing team is targeting the big fish, the C-Suite execs.


So, if you’re in Thistle Praxis’ shoes, and you need to find practical ideas on how to engage the C-Suite, continue reading and you’ll get some ideas on how to do that.


3 Ways To Engage The C-Suite With Content

First of all, you need to understand that content marketing is only half of the equation if you want to successfully engage C-Suites.


The second half is relationship building. That means actually picking up the phone to call, and meeting at conferences and other relevant events.


Now, let’s talk about how you can produce content that influences the high and mighty C-Suite, using Thistle Praxis as an example.


Step 1 – Researching What The C-Suite Needs

So, Thistle Praxis sells management consulting services to organizations.


Under management consulting, Thistle Praxis has services such as performance management, operational effectiveness, and social responsibility management.


These are solutions Thistle Praxis provides. But what are the problems?


When a C-Suite is thinking of performance management, what are the questions she asks?


  1. How to set up a performance management system?
  2. How to set up performance appraisals?
  3. What performance management tools to use?
  4. How to evaluate, monitor and improve employee performance?


In the case of operational effectiveness, here are likely concerns


  1. Fresh ideas on improving business processes
  2. Change management and operational effectiveness
  3. Strategic planning process examples
  4. Operational excellence examples


One effective way to identifying these questions and topics of interests is with the use of Google’s keyword tool.


It shows you the phrases that are frequently searched for under the keywords (like performance management and operational effectiveness).


Step 2 – Linking The Needs With Your Solutions

Now that Thistle Praxis has ideas of the questions and phrases their target market frequently searches for, the next step is to produce content that addresses those needs, answers those questions and link the content to their product.


For example, if Thistle Praxis where to produce a piece of content on how to set up a performance management system, they must allude to the fact that they provide Performance Management services in the content.


Either at the end with a Call to Action (CTA) or in the body of the content.


Also, Thistle Praxis should take into account the fact that C-Suites are busy bees. The type of content they consume must be as straightforward, precise and engaging as possible.


Infographics, videos and short-form content works well.


Step 3 – Distributing The Content

Where will Thistle Praxis distribute its content?


Facebook? Probably not.


Twitter or Instagram? No that’s not it.


LinkedIn is more like it. But the most effective channel is …


Drum roll




C-Suites are always buried in emails, so that’s where you want to engage them.


Thistle Praxis can start with a simple weekly email newsletter to distribute its content to its target market.


Then work up to having more segmented emails, and automated emails that will nurture the C-Suite and convert them to customers.


Concluding Thoughts

If you need to engage the chiefs, try out these techniques when producing content, and see the results for yourself.


However, I know you may not have the time, or the expertise to get this done properly, so I’m here to help if you need it.


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