Tell me if this sounds great to you.


Your business is generating enough cash flow, as in, you are constantly getting new prospective customers and closing deals, and making money.


The thing is, you’re not actively attracting those customers, or closing deals, or making money. In fact, whether you’re at the gym at your country club, or at a fancy dinner trying to impress your crush, the prospects are still coming in, making purchases and giving you money.


Sounds great right?


So why not go ahead and make it happen?


The thing is, you can make all this possible with a great business blog. So it’s surprising when I find businesses not take advantage of having an updated blog section on their websites.


Take Adron Homes, for example, the company is a huge real estate business in Nigeria


However, they are not taking advantage of having a business blog for their website.


This could be because

  1. They already have so much money and don’t want more (very unlikely, who doesn’t want more money?)
  2. They tried blogging earlier on and it didn’t work out for them (very likely, but what they have doesn’t qualify as a blog so it was bound to fail)
  3. They don’t know how a business blog will affect their bottom line (very very likely and that’s why I’m going to list the benefits now)


So, here is a list of why companies like Adron Homes need to set up a proper business blog, and what they will get from it.



Would you rather go search for customers or have customers search for you.


You see, when customers are searching for you, it means they are ready to buy. Which makes it a whole lot easier for you to sell.


As opposed to when you go searching for them. You may run into extremely rude people (because you are interrupting their lives with your sales message), or people that will price your property for the value of a China phone¬† (because they don’t really want to buy in the first place).


With a business blog, you can attract those that are already searching for what you’re selling.


People who know the value of your property.


When people want to purchase a property, they make a lot of research online. They ask questions like what’s the difference between a C of O and Governor’s Consent, and what documents they should look out for when buying land.


If Adron Homes were to answer these questions via their business blog, imagine the amount of qualified traffic they will get. And the traffic can easily turn into customers because they already have an interest in purchasing properties.



Now, your business blog should not just drive traffic, it must generate leads.


That means after reading your blog, website visitors should be able to leave their contact details with you, so you can follow up with more content and your products.


Adron Homes doesn’t have that yet. And they should.


They should have a form where website visitors can fill to


  1. Get a weekly email newsletter with more content.
  2. Get more information about a particular property
  3. Speak with an agent for free consultation


When Adron Homes does this, they will build a database of potential customers that may not buy immediately, but buy eventually.


That means they have not wasted the opportunity of driving traffic to their site and letting potential customers leave the site and never coming back




If you’re looking for tourist attractions in Nigeria, you will surely find an article about it on


If you’re planning on travelling to a new state and need information about that state, you’ll find an article on


Their content marketing has made them an authority in travel and tourism in Nigeria.


And Adron Homes can achieve the same in the real estate industry.


Simply by producing more content on real estate and answering every conceivable question on real estate matters.


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